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every time i blink i have a tiny dream

meeting notes last night

good morning!
last night's meeting was great. we talked about
needing to get thank you notes together, lacinda had a
great idea- put pictures from saturday on the card. i
think we were all in agreement about that!
>we are moving the picnic to sunday at 2 pm to see
what kind of response we get. we will prep saturday at
12:30 in trey's kitchen.
>rob short joined us last night and let us know about
is "copying availability" he is going to copy some
flyers and go post them!
> rob also let us know that he has some webspace, i
don't think we really finalized a vote, let us know!
> beans and rice will be staples once again this
>our squatter friend david, we met him at the picnic
last week, is going to file a USC 42 3 1983 (library
civil rights) against the main library in birmingham,
i think we were all in agreement about supporting
>i will once again be picking up pastries and other
assorted items this weekend from starbucks, i am also
going to try o'henry's and cool beans!
>pepper place, 11:30 saturday morning.
>i will be talking to aaron from cave9 this week to
plan a date for our benefit show! i will let you all
know before we write it in the calendar. we need
let me know if you know anyone!
>we briefly discussed gardening, we will be in deeper
and further discussion closer to the winter!

get out make friends and gain connections!
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