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FNB Update

We spoke about some places we could go to ask for food donations. Everyone was pretty much in agreement that locally owned businesses/restaurants were the way to go.
Some places that were mentioned:
Golden Temple
Lakeview District restaurants
Family Owned (Ethnic restaurants often fall under this catagory)
Farmers Market (Finley Blvd., Greensprings)
Jones Valley Urban Farm

If anyone comes up with any other restaurants, just post them or email them. Even if you aren't convinced it would be the best place...let's not narrow our options. I'll go speak with anyone we can think of.

Ana: You talked about getting day old bread and dumpster diving. Post some places you think might be good for this. I know several of us, if not all of us are up for dumpster diving. Also, you spoke up and said vegan/vegetarian cooking was your specialty. I want to go speak with David Hicks, who owns the spice distro. What would be some good staple spices to cook with?

Issues Discused and Actions Agreed Upon:

FNB Must be a scheduled event. People in the community will rely on us being at a certain place at a certain time. If we do it once a week, we must continue to do it once a week.

Birmingham FNB will be held on 20th Street, either at the benches in front of Soca Clothing or behind the 5pts Fountain. (It doesn't matter which, we will try them out and decide which works best)

We will use plastic wear and recycled paper plates. These items will be washed and/or recycled again.

We will hold the first FNB Community "Picnic" in two weeks - Saturday Evening. We discussed the first Saturday in August, but two weeks is July 30. Is this okay with everyone? This would make our pre-meeting Wednesday, July 27 at Highland's Coffee (unless there are other suggestions).

I (Emily) will be heading up speaking with businesses about food donation. If someone else would like to take on trying to get donations in the way of forks and plates, pots and pans, trash bags, 5-Gallon buckets and plastic water jugs, please go for it. Post anything that becomes available to us. If we cannot use it, or already have it, it can be saved for later or donated to a shelter or soup kitchen.

Again...if there are any ideas that you have, or topics you think need covering, please speak up. We all want to hear what everyone has to say. The more ideas we have, the more outlets we have to keep the Birmingham FNB moving in a forward direction.
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