I Like To Parody Passion (xlawofaveragesx) wrote in fnb_bham,
I Like To Parody Passion

meetings greetings and beatings

okay, so we are having FNB meeting tomorrow at la
reunion at 7 sharp. basically to discuss general FNB
related subjects:

1. getting food from the farmers market. the
spaghetti i made on sunday was from the tomatoes we got
from there on saturday.

2. dumpster diving food. which ive become obsessed
with (possibly unhealthy obsession but whatever. thats
what manic depressive people do. develop unhealthy
obsessions.) The salad on sunday came from the V
richards dumspter which is basically a cornucopia of
free food. bread, greens veggies ect.
also, today while driving around i found about 8
bottlesof unopened stuffed olives. i personally hate
olives but anyone is welcome to a bottle and of course
i'l put them out at the FNB table. you can also food
prococess them and supposedly make a killer pasta
sauce. also, found a can of jalapenos that we put in
a jar since everyone seems to love them.

3. putting out more flyers to get more people
involved. make it more like a "picnic/party" than a
'hey we showed up with food eat it'. and, im just as
guilty of this as anyone.

4. talk to more people about. even people you dont
think would be interested because you would be
surprised. the world is full of good people. they are
just unfortunately mislead and controlled by their
tvs, computers newspapers and whatever else they have
to sedate them.

5. i really only have about an hour of time for this
meeting because of prior commitments but i will be
there and i hope to see you too.

6. buy a cup of joe and tip your barista.


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